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  • This NCLEX Exam Preparation is the product of several methodologies; an eclectic approach to the NCLEX exam.
  • I offers an explanation content and organization of the NCLEX RN exam as designed and reviewed by the NCSBN.
  • All exam takers must understand the NCLEX plan and purpose and apply analytical thinking all questions.
  • Additionally, this manual centers on the rationalization of each answer by identifying in each question the nursing process.
  • Free Online NCLEX RN unlimited prep when buying book. Code for NCLEX RN 360 online questions plus 280 paper quiz.

     FREE Online NCLEX Questions Unlimited Practice

     Puerto Rico & International Nurses

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  • The NCLEX Psychiatric Nursing portion of the exam is only 12% of the NCLEX exam, but failed by many GNs.
  • Prep and pass the Nursing Psych portion of the NCLEX. It reviews questions answers rationales for 280 paper quiz.
  • Buying this book grants you FREE Online access for UNLIMITED to Online NCLEX practice until you pass.  All FREE.
  • Most psychiatric conditions are idiopathic and practitioners in most cases only do inferences the patho-physiology.
  • Focusing on mental disorders are classed are neurobiological, psychological or phsycho-social dysfunctions syndrome
  • may have several etiologies.
  • NCLEX Psychiatric Nursing Prep book a clinical review of diagnosed mental disorders.
  • A must have companion for GN's getting ready for the NCLEX RN exam.

FREE Online NCLEX Questions Unlimited Practice

   Puerto Rico & International Nurses

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Nursing Care Management Nurses must frequently apply various management principles while caring for their clients in various health care settings. This unit has been crafted to clarify these issues. It begins with a comprehensive view of nursing practice standards as well as legal and ethical aspects of nursing. Client care management issues such as determining priorities, working with the health care team, making assignments, and coordinating client care as the client progresses from admission through discharge have been described along with valuable principles to facilitate the nurse’s application of this information. Safety considerations regarding fire, electricity, equipment, and the use of physical restraints have been incorporated. This unit also includes selected principals and interventions related to specific aspects of care such as body mechanics, transfer techniques, positioning, application of cold and heat, asepsis, and the care of clients who develop or are at risk for pressure ulcers.

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